Pillars of Recruitment

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How do we get the right people on the right seats in the bus?

Firstly, stop hiring the wrong people!

Too many business owners and managers a simply hiring the “least wrong” person that turns up for the job interviews.

Here is a short check list to help you get the right people on your team.

STEP ONE – get your house in order first

  1. Culture review – does your business look attractive to potential top talent?
  2. Manager review – would you work for you?  Do some research online as to what makes a great manager, and just do that.  Find out what you are doing that is driving your current star employees crazy, and stop doing that now!
  3. Plan the position – ensure that you have thought through the new position.  What is the title, what are the key outcomes (deliverables), what does success look like, how will you measure performance (KPI’s), draw up the position statement, update the org chart (even though the role hasn’t been filled yet), confirm who they will report to, draw up the induction checklist, confirm who will mentor them, arrange the equipment (incl IT) checklist, and THEN start recruiting!

STEP TWO – go hunting

This is about SELLING the company and the position to the right applicant.  He or she is out there somewhere!

  1. First, ask your star performers if they know someone that could fill the role.  People hang-out with others that share their values, so if they know someone that fits this bill, go here first (feel free to PAY them a reward for a successful onboarding of one of their contacts.  It will still be cheaper than a recruitment agency).
  2. If that doesn’t work, it is time to use an agency.  Find one with a track record of filling roles in your industry, and at your pay point.

STEP THREE – the reviews

There are several key pieces of DNA that makes up whether someone is suited for your business and the role that you have on offer.

  1. Culture fit.  Get various team members to interview the person, in different physical locations (board-room, break-out area, cafe, park, etc).  Will the person enjoy your culture and core values?  If not, stop now.
  2. Physical ability.  Does this applicant have the physical ability for the role?  This could include strength, language skills, etc.
  3. Behavioural Profile. This is about the way that this individual is motivated, how they communicate, what types of work they will find stimulating, what type of work is a natural turn-off for them and more.  The BEST (OK, we are biased!) way to find out this information is via a 7 min full DISC Empower assessment.  Cost is AUD$200 Per Person.  A very cheap investment, to get a full 36 pages of solid information on this applicant. Pages 6 and 7

4. Skills.  Note we put it last?  You can train on skills, you can’t train on culture or behaviour.  The last check you need to do is the skills audit (against your requirements) and write a “Personal Development Plan” (PDP) for the individual.

Go to work ON your high performance team today!


DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

Arrange Personality Profile Assessments for your job applicants now!

You need to work with an Accredited DISC Empower Advisor to obtain FULL profile reports on your applicants.  Contact us to find an Advisor in your area.

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Getting the best results in the workplace!

Our workplaces are dynamic placed, with a mixture of different people and personality styles.

Click on the image below that represents YOUR style, and read some tips that will help you maximise your performance, and that of your co-workers:


D - Lion


I - Monkey


S - Goldfish


C - Turtle


DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

What sort of animal are you?

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Business & HR Advisors

DISC Empower are looking for business coaches, HR advisors and training professionals that would like to partner in view of providing behavioural assessments to your clients.

You are welcome to use the free version of our report now.

If you would like to become accredited, and become a DISC Empower Advisor, and also be able to gain access to the full 36 page report, please contact us via our website.


Recruiting or reallocating roles?

Allocating the Roles

Remember the greatest injustice is to treat everyone the same.
Be clear on what characteristics are required in the role, and then find the right person for the role.
Don’t try and jam a share peg in a round hole!
DISC Empower assessments and reporting are ideal tools to help find a person’s strengths, and then you can find a role where this behaviour type will shine.

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What is the difference between the different DISC reports


Whilst many providers resell DISC assessment report, there are actually only a few real publishers of DISC in the world.

DISC Empower is one of the few providers that have developed their assessment and report “from the ground up”, using validated scientific research, and many-many years of working with thousands of people all over the world.

The main difference with the different systems is the interface where you complete the assessment, and the layout and style of the report.

Pages 6 and 7

One of the biggest benefits of the DISC Empower report is that the advice has been co-developed by business and executive coaches, so there is tips and advice in there to help you get better at your role and in your career.

DISC Empower are also the exclusive users of the Behavioural Composition chart (sample image below).  This is a world-first, recognising that a person’s behaviour cannot be simply identified by a single identifier for a comprehensive review.

Sample DISC Empower Behavioural Composition - copyright of DISC Empower
Sample DISC Empower Behavioural Composition – copyright of DISC Empower

DISC Empower have also utilised four memorable animals to help users remember their primary style.

DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

You can arrange to have all your team obtain their FREE DISC Empower report at our website: www.disc-empower.com