Welcome to the MONKEY’S Tree

 I - MonkeyIggy

This is the home-page of IGGY the Monkey.

Wow!  Awesome to have you visit my home page!  Come in.  Now, let’s get some music on, because I want you to enjoy it here.

I’d love to give you some tips on how to improve at work, but I can’t think of anything just now!!! LOL!!

Hey, check us all out on this bus!!!

Everyone on the bus
Everyone on the bus

OK, ok, Dominic just told me I HAVE to have some points on Personal Development here, so here we go!

  1. We Monkeys are great communicators.  Offer to be the spokesperson for your group or team.
  2. We tend to see the positive in every situation (whereas Clyde seems to manage to find the negative in every positive!)  Be prepared to be the team cheer-leader, and give everyone some encouragement.  Find opportunities to hand out some praise, or to have a small celebration.  Hit the sales goal?  Grab a cake!  Finish the budget on time?  Pizza day!
  3. Take on opportunities to serve customers – make them happy!  Just make sure that you don’t let your desire to be liked by everyone to take over and lose your common sense.  Maybe bounce your idea around with another team member first: if it feels right to both of you, just do it.
  4. Hey, have I showed you the photos from our last party?  Let me grab my smartphone…
  5. (Dominic just told me to hurry up.  Apparently this has to be finished today.)
  6. Do you have a goal?  Monkeys don’t usually worry about such things, but it IS worth the time to do a career plan.
  7. Don’t let emotions carry you away.  Sometimes there is a member of the staff that is getting really worked up about something, and I tend to get caught up in the excitement, and can end up on the wrong side of management. (Ooops).  Make sure you don’t get caught up in things that don’t affect you.
  8. (I really should have planned this post better, really.)
  9. When working on a project, take the time to plan better!
  10. Another tip: try to be a bit less dependant on others from time to time.  Step up to the plate, and take responsibility.
  11. What about if you’re having a bad day?  You need to unwind!  Grab a friend and head out for coffee or a meal.  Get out and enjoy yourself!  Their energy will invigorate you back to your good-old-self!



The Monkey from DISC Empower

PS: Yes, I’m a high I!  Can’t wait to see you on my next post!

Oh, by the way, you can download my work poster here:

Iggy's invite

Working with Lions like Dominic

D - Lion

  • Lions hate you wasting their time.  When I work with Dominic I have to take some time before to help ensure I am very clear on what I need.  Be straight to the point.
  • Don’t be offended if a Lion says something to you very abruptly.  They probably don’t mean to be rude.  They probably just have a lot on their mind! LOL 🙂

Working with Goldfish like Sammy

S - Goldfish

  • I love Goldfish!
  • Goldfish enjoy working with people, so we get on just fine.
  • Sometimes we just have to be careful we don’t waste too much time socialising, as that is what we do best.
  • Oh, and there was some work to do?!  OK, I remember now…!!!

Working with Turtles like Clyde

C - Turtle

  • Somedays Clyde drives me crazy!  He is so detail orientated!  I mean, Turtles love detail.
  • I find I have to really slow down when you speak Clyde, as well as other Turtles.  They are all the same!
  • If you are emailing a Turtle, add some extra info to the email, so they know where you are coming from.  Turtles don’t just assume.
  • If you need them to do something for you, explain how it will be used, and give them some extra information on why you need it, or why it is a good idea.
  • If you need to get them to change, make sure you always give Turtles all the facts on why the new direction is better than the old way.

DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

What sort of animal are you?

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