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Our workplaces are dynamic placed, with a mixture of different people and personality styles.

Click on the image below that represents YOUR style, and read some tips that will help you maximise your performance, and that of your co-workers:


D - Lion


I - Monkey


S - Goldfish


C - Turtle


DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

What sort of animal are you?

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Business & HR Advisors

DISC Empower are looking for business coaches, HR advisors and training professionals that would like to partner in view of providing behavioural assessments to your clients.

You are welcome to use the free version of our report now.

If you would like to become accredited, and become a DISC Empower Advisor, and also be able to gain access to the full 36 page report, please contact us via our website.


What is the difference between the different DISC reports


Whilst many providers resell DISC assessment report, there are actually only a few real publishers of DISC in the world.

DISC Empower is one of the few providers that have developed their assessment and report “from the ground up”, using validated scientific research, and many-many years of working with thousands of people all over the world.

The main difference with the different systems is the interface where you complete the assessment, and the layout and style of the report.

Pages 6 and 7

One of the biggest benefits of the DISC Empower report is that the advice has been co-developed by business and executive coaches, so there is tips and advice in there to help you get better at your role and in your career.

DISC Empower are also the exclusive users of the Behavioural Composition chart (sample image below).  This is a world-first, recognising that a person’s behaviour cannot be simply identified by a single identifier for a comprehensive review.

Sample DISC Empower Behavioural Composition - copyright of DISC Empower
Sample DISC Empower Behavioural Composition – copyright of DISC Empower

DISC Empower have also utilised four memorable animals to help users remember their primary style.

DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

You can arrange to have all your team obtain their FREE DISC Empower report at our website:


DISC Empower – written and published in Australia

DISC Empower has been written, developed and published in Australia!

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour

With it’s head office in Sydney, Australia, DISC Empower is the only Behavioural Profiling and Professional Development system developed with the primary purpose of executive coaching and staff development in mind.

All animals

“What type of animal are you?”

Many people who have taken advantage of the DISC Empower system have told us that it has helped them greatly in their career development.

You too can take advantage of these “inside tips”.  Get your report now at:


Attention all business coaches and trainers!

All animals

Are you in the business of helping people improve their teamwork and communication, and ultimately their results?

DISC Empower is a business that you find has synergies that HELP you help YOUR clients achieve their goals.

Our research has shown that one of the key things holding businesses back is poor training and understanding of human behaviour: put simply, this is a team where you see:

  • Conflict and tension
  • Lack of clarity around the goals
  • Lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities
  • Etc

If you have clients like this, and would like to gain access to the DISC Empower tools to help you coach and train your clients, please contact us now; we can’t wait to help you grow YOUR business!


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