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This is the home-page of SAMMY the Goldfish.



I just want to say hello, and welcome you to my home-page.  I hope you like it! What would you like to see added to it?  I set this page up to help other Goldfish, who just like me always appreciate tips on how we can perform at our peak at work, so everyone achieves more and as a team we achieve our goals.

Our team has been asked for tips for others with the same behaviour profile as us, so a few of us GOldfish got together and put together these points for you.  Here they are:

  1. Some people call us “technicians”, because we are so consistent and reliable.  (How embarrassing, but I guess it is true!)
  2. We love the security that an unchanging workplace gives us…but sometimes we need to step out and explore new ways of doing things!  Don’t get up against someone that gives you a nudge towards new ideas.
  3. Try not to be stubborn; if you have made your mind up about something, remember that there STILL may be a better way of doing things, so be prepared to change.  We are Goldfish remember, not Ostrich! 😉
  4. Don’t be a YES person.  One of our bad habits is trying to please EVERYONE.  So we keep saying YES to everything we are asked to do, until we have no time to swim or eat or exercise; our health and wellbeing suffers, and next thing even those that we really care about are let down.  Be gutsy enough to say NO sometimes.
  5. Do you want another workplace tip: hustle more.  Always walk like you are 5 minutes late.  This sends a message to others that you understand that “time = money”.  Someone that wanders around sends the wrong message to others in the business.
  6. Also, remember to use your initiative!  Don’t always hold back to see what others do.  Be prepared to be a leader.
  7. Now, what about when things go wrong?  Don’t worry, it will blow over.  Just don’t go into your cave.  Be prepared to quietly talk it over with someone else.  Pick up the phone and give them a call; it’s a great stress release.
  8. Sometimes busy people don’t run around thanking everyone for the work they do; don’t take this as though you are not appreciated.  YOU ARE!  It is just that many people forget to tell you.

Have an awesome day!


The Goldfish from DISC Empower

PS: Yes, I’m a high S!

If you would like it, you can view or download my work-poster here (HTH):

3 - S - Sammy's Poster

Working with Lions like Dominic

D - Lion

  • Lions hate you wasting their time.  When I work with Dominic I have to take some time before to help ensure I am very clear on what I need.  Be straight to the point.
  • Don’t be offended if a Lion says something to you very abruptly.  They probably don’t mean to be rude.  They probably just have a lot on their mind!

Working with Monkeys like Iggy

I - Monkey

  • Monkeys love socialising!  I do, too.  So I need to be careful that Monkeys like Iggy don’t use up all my time.
  • When you deal with Monkeys, you might find it is worth speaking and moving a bit faster; it will let them know you value them, but you are busy and need to keep moving.

Working with Turtles like Clyde

C - Turtle

  • Turtles like Clyde love the detail, and want to be respected as an authority in their area of expertise.  You can really make them feel valued by seeking out their knowledge, and letting them know that you value it.
  • If you need them to do something for you, explain how it will be used, and give them some extra information on why you need it, or why it is a good idea.
  • If you need to get them to change, make sure you always give Turtles all the facts on why the new direction is better than the old way.

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