Welcome to the TURTLE’S Pond

C - TurtleP4 - C - Clyde

This is the home-page of CLYDE the Turtle.

Good morning, and welcome to my home-page.

As part of becoming a professional in my chosen area of expertise, someone who’s advice I trust advised me to become an authority on DISC Empower behavioural profiling.

So that I can help other Turtles (that is, other animals and people who have a somewhat similar behavioural style to me), I am currently studying, and will report back ASAP with the details YOU need to become better in your role.

This information will improve your results, but it has to be accurate.

Kind Regards,


The Turtle from DISC Empower

PS: I have done the research and can confirm that I am a High C.

To help you understand working with me, you might like to download and study my work poster; you can do that here:

4 - C - Clyde's Poster

Now, here are some insider tips on dealing with other profile types:

Working with Lions like Dominic

D - Lion

  • Lions hate you wasting their time.  I often have to help Dominic as he tends to be “rip-tear-bust” leaving a trail of destruction in his path.
  • Don’t be offended if a Lion says something to you very abruptly.
  • I find dealing with Dominic it helps if I start with the big picture, and only go into the detail if he asks for it.

Working with Monkeys like Iggy

I - Monkey

  • Monkeys drive me nuts.  Talk-talk-talk!  Plus they don’t put the time into research and study to become an authority on anything!  However, they ARE better with people, and tend to help our team overcome conflict, and our customers love them.
  • One thing that I find helpful when dealing with Monkeys is to be prepared to be more open, and not always point out their failures.
  • I am putting together a whitepaper on working with Monkeys, and will share it with you once it is finished.

Working with Goldfish like Sammy

S - Goldfish

  • Goldfish enjoy working with people, so we get on just fine.  I have trained Sammy not to interupt me when I am busy, and this really helps, too.
  • Sometimes we just have to be careful we don’t waste too much time socialising, as that is what we do best.
  • Oh, and there was some work to do?!  OK, I remember now…!!!

DISC Empower Profile D.I.S.C. Image

What sort of animal are you?

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